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IMPULSE FITNESS Triceps dip SL7024
IMPULSE FITNESS Triceps dip SL7024
produkt code: SL7024
garantie: 36 Monat
lieferzeit: 60-70 tage


preis: 1 799.00 €
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Profesional machine designed to perform an affective workout of the isolated deltiod muscles and to bulit stronger back and shoulders. The particular profile of the back support ensures a stable position of the trunk. The adjustable seating position provides that the center articulation of the shoulder is always in line with the center of rotation of the machine lever. SL7024 belongs to SL product line, high quality commercial series, which consists of 16 plate loaded equipment. This professional line is designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights.

Minimum mainteance is required for commercial applications.

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• Minimum maintenance is required for commercial applications.
• Minimal one-touch adjustments with adjustments points color coded yellow for easy viewing
• Color: black and red

Länge: 174 cm
Breite: 158 cm
Höhe: 121 cm
Gewicht: 187 kg
Schwergewicht: 300 kg



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