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CT-8000B Base Fitness Trainer
CT-8000B Base Fitness Trainer
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The CT8 Fitness Training System ignites a revolution in Functional Fitness! Made in the USA from materials only seen in the highest quality commercial strength equipment, the CT8 offers modular options, design elements and customization for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The creative modular design gives personal trainers, studio owners and full service fitness facilities the ability to build custom exercise stations that best suit their individual and group fitness needs. With the CT8, fitness professionals can develop an avalanche of training protocols for large groups, boot camps, individual programs and cross conditioning circuits that emphasize every aspect of functional strength, flexibility and endurance.

The CT8 is the perfect training system for clubs and studios looking to save cost and floor space, while maximizing their training options for revolutionary gains in revenue and profitability.

Let the functional Training Revolution begin!

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• The CT-8000B Base Trainer has an unlimited capacity for functional training in a compact, space saving design. Sure to be the focal point of your fitness program each rack accommodates distinct training modules for fitness excellence.

• Built for work and play, the monkey bars, fat grip chins and parallel suspension bars create a platform to develop upper body and core strength.

• The adjustable horizontal bar station can be used for assisted push ups, pull ups and extended flexibility training.

• Adjustability gives old school ring movements a new school twist working balance and endurance on a series of dynamic body weight applications.

• A smart pegboard supports core stability, arm strength and upper body endurance while doubling as a high re-bounder.

• Choice of 2 CT-8200 Series Training Modules are required to complete the CT-8000B Base Trainer.

Let the functional Training Revolution begin!

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